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Men's grooming products from Pure Nuff Stuff

So often men are ignored when it comes to quality no-nonsense natural skincare and that's just not fair, so we created a whole range of products just for them. Men generally have just a bit more oil in their skin than women; add to this the damage done by regular shaving and it's easy to see why men need very different products that take all this into account. Interestingly, men are at particular risk of absorbing more than their fair share of toxic chemicals in their daily routine. Shaving scrapes the skin surface which allows some of the really powerful chemicals used in high street skincare to permeate the skin very easily.  

Alcohol, perfumes and powerful surfactants that are more closely related to engine oil than they are to nature are all major ingredients in shaving foams and deodorants, but they're just not necessary. Shaving need not be a daily torture and ingrowing hairs can be greatly reduced by feeding your skin with the right products.