Beard Oil - Soothing

Beard Oil - Soothing

A soothing face oil, for beards

Beard Oil - Soothing


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  • Description

    Beard oils aren't new, but they are needed. If you like the caveman look, good on you, be your best beasty self. But if you're after a more refined look, then an oil will help you keep your facial topiary in good order. One thing you might notice when you've had a beard for a bit is that the skin on you chin becomes a bit more sentivive, a bit drier and needs a bit of looking after. Nobody needs to suffer with a flaky face. The Sensitive Beard Oil is here to sort that out for you, a mix of ylang ylang, rosewood, frankincense and sweet orange will calm inflamed skin, leave it feeling less tight and leave your beard feeling soft and smelling fantastic.


    Shipping weight - 73g

  • Ingredients

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