About Us

We lovingly hand-make every Pure Nuff product in small batches, ensuring it's all lovely and fresh and you can enjoy the full 12 months shelf-life. If for any reason you find it doesn’t suit you, we'll replace it, free of charge and with no questions asked, as long as it's within our sell-by date.

We listen to our customers, and much of our new product development is led by them – or, in other words, by you!

Our small-batch approach means we can also alter our essential oil blends if you’d prefer something else, so check out our Custom Made section. We're the only company in the country that offers this service, so give it a whirl!

Ticking the boxes....... We believe in the same things you do – high quality, honesty, ethical standards, and all-round personal loveliness.

It’s all natural, too. Everything we make uses only vegetable or mineral ingredients, and they’re extracted as naturally as possible. We use organic and fairly traded sources whenever we can.

We don’t use SLS, parabens, urea, synthetic fragrances or colours, anything from the petrochemical industry, or anything else you’d regard as unnecessarily nasty. We don’t make false claims about anti-ageing or cellulite-burning, either. And we don’t test on animals, unless that’s what you’d call our families and friends (which would be mean). 

Everything we make has been certified for safety by an independent laboratory in accordance with UK and EU regulations. Our anti-animal testing policy is clear (we don't, at all, ever) and we maintain a fied cut off date of 1995 for all ingredients. And we’re as sustainable as can be, using glass bottles and HDPE – the most recyclable plastic you can get.

We’ve got nothing to hide. In fact, we’re busily confirming the provenance of every single ingredient we use. So if you have any questions, please call or email...

… or drop by and see us

We’re in Penzance. Our shop is next door to our workshop, and we love having visitors. We’re in a beautiful historic building called The Egyptian House on lovely old Chapel Street. We’re easy to find: we have gorgeous windows, and a deeply impressive front doorway.

Anything else? Yes, indeed. The beaches round here are fab – oh, and Land’s End is just a few miles away.