Essential and Carrier Oils

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Essential and Carrier Oils from Pure Nuff Stuff

Don't be limited to using essential oils in oil burners (though they're great for that too) they have so many uses, home cleaning, to mood lifting ones to name but a few.  We've tried to note them down on the relevant oil where possible, but many many books have been written about this subject, so these notes aren't exhaustive - do let us know what  you use oils for at home and we'll put a note up on the relevant page.  Have fun with them, experiment with blends and figure out what suits you and your mood, it's addictive!

Please be aware though that taking any essential oil internally is not recommended for any purpose at all. Yes, they're natural, yes, they smell great but that doesn't mean that they're safe to ingest. There is a huge amount of information on this subject on the internet and I've seen recipes that include essential oils for colds, for coughs and even, terrifyingly, to cure Ebola - they're not only inaccurate but in my opinion, they're incredibly dangerous. Smell them by all means, put a few drops in the bath absolutely, but do not eat them.