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  • A few thoughts on palm oil.....

    Now, this is a huge subject, so get comfy. It’s not a simple question and it’s very emotive, so I’ll try and explain our reasoning clearly.   Palm is popular for lots of reasons, it grows quickly, it’s simple to process and the end product has a myriad of uses,… read more »

  • Household Cleaning, plastic free and still sitting pretty

    Hello, my name is Emily and I am a scrubber.   Quite a few of you mentioned that you'd like to see us making some natural household cleaners. Now, I'll be honest, I'm not too keen on the idea, we've got full hands making the 150-odd Pure Nuff products we already make,… read more »

  • Plastic reduction, the first in an occasional series

    I'm popping up to talk plastic. You may or may not know that Penzance has recently been granted "plastic free" status as a town - which means we are all rethinking each bit of single use plastic we come into contact with and looking for alternatives now, not when legislation… read more »