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Natural Handmade Soap

Our soaps are hand made in our workshop using the cold process which retains all the natural glycerine. The result is a rich, mild, skin-friendly lather which rinses away without tightness or dryness. If you've ever been sceptical about how good real soap can make your skin feel, be confident that we can change your mind with these. 


Soap making explanation for the technically minded...


We use oil as the base for our soaps and then add a teeny bit of water and caustic soda (bear with us here, as scary as that sounds, no traces are left in the bar after the 9 week curing process). In our method, none of the raw ingredients (the oils basically) are ever boiled or cooked so that all of the beneficial properties are kept during the process. We add extra moisturising oils after the initial mix, to make a gentle, cleansing soap that can safely be used every day.

The function of the caustic is to alter the oil molecules to effectively change them, making them into two totally new things altogether, soap (saponified oil) and glycerine. Commercial soaps have been famous for drying out our skins because the glycerine has been removed at this stage to sell to you in a moisturiser instead. Naughty, that, it's given soap a very unjustified reputation. But we leave the glycerine in - then, crucially, add extra moisturising oils - so you're skin isn't at all stripped by the process but is instead gently cleaned. During the curing process alluded to earlier, the soaps are regularly turned by hand to ensure they dry evenly, this way we can keep an eye on every batch then and sell it only when it reaches perfection.