Hand Made Dogs Body Soap

Hand Made Dogs Body Soap

Natural, odor fighting soap for dogs

Hand Made Dogs Body Soap



  • Description

    I first started making this soap for my own dog who, though a delicate and beautiful creature, likes to roll in unmentionable things every chance she gets. With that in mind, I concentrated on odour deadening and rinsability when creating it - so I use coffee grounds for this one which help to neutralise odours, both doggy and others. 

    100g shipping weight.

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Hand Made Dogs Body Soap

Works just as described: removes odours, leaves your dog squeaky clean with soft fur and rinses out easily. My three dogs love the smell too!

Claudia Galasso

Great soap easy to use, easy to rinse, so you can use it on isolated areas that have been enthusiastically rubbed in some horrid pong! without having to fully shampoo your hound - really useful in the colder months. My lurcher and greyhound submit to a bath with this soap because, at least it's quick and they just smell clean not ridiculously over-perfumed. Best of all there's no unnecessary ingredients and the hounds feel soft and silky afterwards.


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