Handmade Soap - Baby Soap

Handmade Soap - Baby Soap

Mild with chamomile and lavender

Handmade Soap - Baby Soap


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  • Description

    This handmade soap is enriched with cocoa butter, while the soothing mix of lavender and chamomile pure essential oils make it ideal for delicate skin. The lavender is softened by the chamomile, giving it a deliciously sweet edge that's light and fresh. 

    Delicate flecks of blue, yellow and pink make it very pretty. The colour is achieved with French clay, so is very mild and gentle.

    110g minimum weight.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

Product Testimonials Handmade Soap - Baby Soap

Soft, gentle and mild which is just what you want for new skin.

rachel gwennap

This soap is so soft for your skin and smells lovely. Highly recommended!


Love this soap have been using this as a body and shampoo for my little boy and it is great.


Is this baby soap tear free?


Lovely soap! It has been great for me and both my boys we all have really sensitive skin and eczema and it is really mild and gentle but leaves everyone squeaky clean and smelling lovely.


That's so great to hear, thanks Sarah! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

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