Soap Lift

Soap Lift

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    This corn based plastic allows soap to fully drain and dry out in between uses. The multi-directional pad will wick away all moisture from the soap bar so effectively that any soap residue runs freely off without you having to do anything at all to help. It really is a clever design and we love them. These lifts come in a number of colours and don't forget, they can be trimmed to fit your favourite dish snugly so no need to ditch the pretty thing you have, you can just make it better with a little lift.

    The Soap Lift is 11 cm wide and 7.5cm deep. These come in White, Black, Sand, Coffee, Sage, Light Blue and Anthracite.

Product Testimonials Soap Lift

I bought one of these (the white one) for my friend, after getting him a bar of Atlantic Rowers Blend soap, (he has sailed across the Atlantic, so very fitting I thought!), which was starting to go a bit squidgy on his enamel sink. Not any more! This simple little device has prolonged the life of the soap, and is brilliant! I'm just about to buy one for myself now :-)

Caroline Beevis

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