Soap slices in glassine bags

Soap slices in glassine bags

Shampoo bar


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  • Description

    A great way to sample different soap, shampoo and shaving bars in a very pocket friendly fashion. There aren't any standard sets of slices in these compostable glassine bags, so you are getting something of a random selection, we've made them up with decent sized usable slabs that together weigh at least 250g in total - so you're getting more than twice the amount of soap that you do in one of our standard bars for less than double the price. We love how practical this is and we are quietly proud of how they look too (if we say so ourselves)!

    All the bars are palm free and vegan, we try to get a good mix of each "flavour" in each bag, but there will of course be more of some thing in a bag than anything else because we make more batches of some blends than others. 

Product Testimonials Soap slices in glassine bags

Great way of trying out different soaps - and at a lower price. Even these little 'bars' last for ages


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