Shampoo - Dry Scalp

Shampoo for dry scalp

Shampoo to relieve the itch and cause of dandruff





1 litre


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  • Description

    Itchy scalps are both annoying and very common, but there's no need to live with it. This combination of sugar based detergent that cleans efficiently but gently, aloe vera for soothing and calming and our own blend of essential oils will help cool your scalp and leave you feeling fresh and flake free. Rosemary, teatree, lavender and peppermint deals with the cause of the itch and it smells fresh and clean. They each have other properties that are great for hair as well, rosemary and peppermint are stimulating, tea tree and lavender and both healing in different ways and together, they smell delicious. We've been making this blend for a while now by request and it's become so popular and we have so many repeat customers for it, it seemed a good idea to make it more widely available. 

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Shampoo - Dry Scalp

After using shampoo bars for a number of years I just haven't found one that works for an itchy scalp. I wanted to stay eco friendly so I'm glad I found this shampoo. I've been using it for a few weeks and it's been a much needed relief. Noticed a difference after the first wash, after about 4 washes no more itching. Very happy will be ordering more.

Paula Finney

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