Dream Cloth

Dream Cloth
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Dream Cloth


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  • Description

    A reusable and washable alternative to paper towels. These spongy beauties replace that kitchen sponge are perfect for mopping up spills and cleaning dishes. You can pop them in the washing machine from time to time and keep them sparkling clean and when they finally give up the ghost, they're compostable. Made from 70% plant based cellulose and 30% repurposed cotton, they're a very clever solution to a mucky problem. The lovely peope who make them have this to say

    "When you first get your Dream Cloths, they’ll be stiff and a bit crispy. That’s just what they’re like when they’re dry. The super dryness is what keeps bacteria at bay! Run your Dream Cloth under some water to soften it up. Once damp, it absorbs like a sponge and scrubs like a cloth. Use with your favourite cleaning product or on its own."

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