Simple Living Detergent Sheets

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Simple Living Detergent Sheets
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Full size, 60 sheets


Sample Size, 10 sheets



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    The clever people at Simple Living have created a great way to make your laundry much, much easier (and delightfully eco-guilt free).

    The sheets contain coconut oil alcohol, natural vegtable oil, coconut oil extract and deionized water and they dissolve in your machine, cleaning really effectively and leaving no residue, plus they're free from any harsh chemicals found in most detergents.

    These sheets are not tested on animals, they're great for all type of clothes, great for sensitive skin and they dissolve in hot or cold water. Simply pop one (or two for really heavy or grimy loads) sheets in the drum with your washing, no more measuring and no carrying heavy boxes or bottles.

    Here are Pure Nuff we're lovng them because they're totally plastic free, light and easy to store and with 60 sheets in a box for £10, that's a bang tidy 17 pence per wash.  Assuming say 15 of your loads are heavy or really grubby, then that's still 45 washes at 22p per load - making it competitive with market leaders found in supermarkets, an astonishing achievement for a small company. And to top it all off, they're not heavily fragranced, they just leave clothes smelling clean. Top marks all round from us.

    Postage weight 210 grams

Product Testimonials Simple Living Detergent Sheets

Love it even removed stains from a grubby sofa cover and they are compact what’s not to like!


So pleased you like them Dee, they're amazingly effective and like you say, save space too! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

Definately recommend these to anyone. So glad I tried them and now reordering. Thank you.

Jane Poole

Thanks for letting us know you like them as much as we do! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

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