Shampoo - Ylang Ylang & Lime

Shampoo - Ylang Ylang & Lime

Sulphate-free shampoo for normal hair.





1 litre


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  • Description

    Our hair cleansers use a mild, natural, sugar-derived detergent that will clean your hair without stripping it of protective oils. The Normal Cleanser is made for people with generally healthy hair to leave your hair soft and manageable. If your hair is dryish but quite fine you may find it works well without another conditioning product.

    We don't encourage you to wash your hair twice (that's just a con to get you to use twice as much shampoo, by the way. Do you wash your hands twice? No, so why put your hair through that?) so this bottle lasts a long time. Remember this product is fresh; it needs to be shaken every time you use it.

    Scented with ylang ylang & lime essential oils.

    250ml or 500ml

    (Shipping weight 290g & 550g 

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

Product Testimonials Shampoo - Ylang Ylang & Lime

We use it for our daughter. No harsh chemicals and amazing smell!

Mogadis Sarwar

Amazingly good for my brillo-pad curly hair texture; keeps it soft and neat. A great find.

Jill Chapman

We are at an age when coarse silver hair needs a bit of smoothing and nourishing, especially after swimming and we use this lovely shampoo which l discovered when searching for ethical, palm oil free products. My main reason for buying from Purenuff is to support local uk producers, using truly vegan, crueltyfree ingredients which are not contributing to the massive devastation of rainforests. Yes this means we have to pay a bit more...but the products are high quality and we use half the dose' because the ingredients are so effective. We highly recommend Purenuffstuff!


Thank you so much for letting us know how happy you are! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

I thought that the conditioner was too rich for my hair but it turned out that I didn't need it at all! The shampoo alone doesn't leave my hair angry and tangled like other brands. Very pleased and no palm oil.

Gail van der Spiegel

After spending a fortune on numerous so-called natural brands to find a shampoo that doesn't aggravate my allergic dermatitis I finally tried your Dry Hair Cleanser. For the first time in decades I no longer have a sore scalp and MUCH shinier happier hair. Thank you magic soap fairies! X


I have long thick colour treated hair and bought the dry hair cleanser & conditioner which are just fabulous.
Shake before use and pour straight onto head rather than hand as it is much more liquid than conventional shampoos & you’ll just lose it through your fingers otherwise!
It does lather up surprisingly well and leaves a lovely scent. Hair once dry is left soft and shiny & smelling gorgeous..
I will definitely be ordering this & the conditioner in the bucket size.

Julia Sanders

found this amazing shampoo whilst staying in a guest house in penzance. been using it ever since wouldn't use anything else.


I thought I had the oiliest hair in the world (horrid if not washed every day or half a can of dry shampoo on it) now realised just over stripping my hair! This has been a god send can get away with only washing my hair ever three days! I have full head bleach highlights and my hair has never looked so shiny! Just ordered my second batch in the larger size so I don’t run out. Thank you for truly changing my oily hair!

Helen Gauckwin

That's brilliant news, thanks for letting us know you're so happy Helen! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

This is a really nice hair cleanser - pleasant light scent and very gentle on the hair. I originally tried the cleanser for dry hair but found it too moisturising so switched to this normal one and it's great. It doesn't strip your hair of it's natural oils - hence my reappraisal of my so-called dry hair, it isn't dry at all it was just over-stripped by conventional shampoos. I like the low lather - much easier to rinse out it leaves my hair clean, fresh, and soft. If you are thinking of trying the 'no-poo' hair cleansing but are not sure, then you should try these cleansers first, gentle effective and convenient.


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