Scrubbing Pads

Scrubbing Pads

Plastic free household cleaning products

Scrubbing Pads


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  • Description

    A scouring pad that's plastic free. As you know, we're always on the hunt for attractive, dependable, sustainable and plastic free items for the home and we've found another one!

    Generally speaking, household cleaning is where we come into contact with some of the harshest chemicals we are likely to encounter - this harms the water table and it doesn't do our skin a lot of good either. And it's where, with our new reliance on microfibre cloths, that we're doing the most damage to the sea as well. Our habits have to change. Enter the Scrubbie (yes, I know, but it does what it says on the tin).

    It's a not unattractive bit of towelling that's been treated with an environmentally friendly coating made from tree resin that will scrub pots and pans, bathrooms, floors and everything in between. The length of time it takes for the coating to degrade and leave just compostable fabric will depend on what you're using it for but it's washable and in our opinion, outperforms anything we've ever bought. If you burn lots of pans, you might still need a metal scourer but I've ditched mine and my enamelled cookware looks like new again. Once I've finished with it in the kitchen it gets demoted to the bathroom and spends another couple months in there, just love them.

    Can I wash it? Yes at up to 50 degress celsius.

    Do they last well? Seriously yes, longer than any other natural or artificial scouring pad we've tried.

    What is it made from? 100% cotton with an environmentally friendly finish made from tree resin.

    How do I recycle it? We recommend chopping it into pieces and putting it in your compost bin. 


    10g weight

Product Testimonials Scrubbing Pads

We love these, they work really well and are plastic free. Really good for washing up and cleaning shower screens.

Gail van der Spiegel

Love these - last for ages. I've just bought to go in Christmas stockings! sure my adult step children will love me :)


These are the most incredible things. They do an amazing job, I was shocked at how good they are and how long they last - cheap to buy and cheap for the environment.

Linda Coom

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