Intensive Hair Conditioner - Unscented

Intensive Hair Conditioner - Unscented

Hair conditioner for damaged, dry or heat-treated hair.





1 litre


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  • Description

    If your hair has been colour-treated or simply mis-treated, then it needs a little more than average help to calm it down. We spent months working on this blend, which has a completely different base to our original, so it's even better at de-tangling, smoothing and generally whipping into shape a head of hair that has its own, well, mind. 

    Guar gum not only thickens the formula but it also conditions the hair wonderfully (which is why it's in our Dry Hair Cleanser), helping it to lie flat and therefore make it softer and shinier. Then we added virgin-pressed organic coconut oil, aloe vera juice and glycerine to help do the softening and smoothing work. So it's got no less than four conditioning agents in it. No wonder it's intensive!

    You might notice that we're not claiming that this formula, however brilliant we think it is (and we do) will repair damaged hair. That particular phrase is a very misleading industry fib. Hair is, not to put too fine a point on it, dead. And there's nothing you can do to repair damage done by heating, dyeing or whatever elaborate styling habits you might have. Most conditioning formulas contain a lot of plasticisers which, to put it simply, coat the hair shaft in a fine layer of plastic which helps to smooth down the fractured strand and make it more light-reflective. This makes it appear healthier when, in fact, no real therapy has taken place. So we're not claiming that, it's just daft.

    250ml & 500ml

    270g & 550g Ship weight.

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Intensive Hair Conditioner - Unscented

I have been using this conditioner since February . It is excellent leaving my very dry hair soft and silky.


I absolutely love this product. I have dry, curly over processed hair and this is the best product I have ever used. My hair is now shiny and frizz free. I also use a small amount as a leave in conditioner.


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