Handmade Soap - Mr Scrubba Scrubba

Handmade Soap - Mr Scrubba Scrubba

Masculine scented natural soap.

Handmade Soap - Mr Scrubba Scrubba



  • Description

    I've been asked for another exfoliating soap often enough and while we do our best here at Pure Nuff to keep your skin on you, where we believe it ought to be, I have come up with something I think you'll like. Scented with heavy woods like cedar and sandalwood, the perky bergamot keeps it fresh and the poppy seeds feel nicely scrubby but not scratchy. When you exfoliate, the blood is drawn up to the surface of the skin as part of the process and it's this that does the most work for you in keeping skin fresh, supple and feeling good. And it's got to be said, poppy seeds are a brilliant way of encouraging grime to shift, they're rounded and soft so don't break the skin - and they don't clog up drains or, crucially, oceans, 

    At the moment, if you order a bar of this, you'll get two of our round 80g bars while stocks last - it's a huge bargain but don't be shocked that it's not a square bar, its just a stop gap while the new batch is curing and square bars will be back soon.

    Oh and the name, yeah, now and again I'm allowed to have a bit of fun. It's a manly scent and it's scrubby and I really liked that song, so here we are.

    110g minimum weight.

  • Ingredients

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