Normal Hair Cleanser Larger Sizes

Normal Hair Cleanser Larger Sizes

Mild and fresh SLS-free shampoo.

This product has a purchase limit applied, you cannot buy more than 1 of any variation of this product.

*Normal Hair Cleanser 5 Litre (max. 1 per order)


*Normal Hair Cleanser 4 Litre (max. 1 per order)


*Normal Hair Cleanser UNSCENTED 5 Litre (max. 1 per order)


*Normal Hair Cleanser UNSCENTED 4 Litre (max. 1 per order)


* Products marked have a purchase limit applied. The number in parentheses represents the maximum that may be purchased in a single transaction. Your cart will only accept up to the specified quantity for each.


  • Description

    Our hair cleansers use a mild, natural, sugar-derived detergent that will clean your hair without stripping it of protective oils. Normal Cleanser is made for people with generally healthy hair, tending if anything towards oily, to leave your hair soft and manageable. Also by topping up your own bottles you are also keeping your packaging at a minimum- meaning the planet will love you as much as your pocket! 

    As these bottles are much heavier they are sent via courier, this is included in the price.

    These products are made to order so they are at the freshest they can be for you. Orders need to be placed by Monday evening as they are made every tuesday.

    3800g & 5700g Ship weight.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

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