Intensive Body Cream - Tantra Blend

Intensive Body Cream - Tantra Blend

Thick body cream for dry skin.

Tantra Blend 120ml


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  • Description

    A firm PNS favourite just got a whole lot better. With the help of our fabulous team of testers we've improved the recipe for this fantastically hard-working cream. It still has the blend of rich shea butter and apricot kernel oil that's been so effective in the past, but it now has added cocoa butter to give the cream even more punch when attacking those stubborn dry areas. 

    Gently scented with our sumptuous Tantra Blend of rose, patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils. 


    (Shipping weight 240g)

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Intensive Body Cream - Tantra Blend

Love this cream. It healed some stubborn rough dry patches on my skin almost immediately. I'm super impressed. And the smell is lovely and subtle. It's definitely a keeper!


Brilliant news Marie (and what is with elbows, they're so stubborn) - and thanks for your kind comments about the scent too, a lot of people get scared with they hear patchouli's in it they get scared, but it can be subtle can't it? - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

The only body cream to sort out my bumpy, rough upper arms. It's a miracle worker!

Cath Marston

This cream is amazing! Especially good after skin being dried out on holiday. Love the scent.

Isabel Northey

I normally use the Body Bliss but the skin on my legs had got very dry and itchy so I tried this. It has made a great difference and my legs are not longer scaly and itchy. I also love the fact you can customise it - my new favourite combination is Grapefruit and Geranium.


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