Crystal Foot File

Crystal Foot File
Crystal Foot Files Foot file with case

Crystal Foot File


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  • Description

    Crystal foot files are perfect to get rid of hard skin safely and easily. The quality of these is obvious from the weight of them in your hand, it makes it an easy to handle, satifying tool to use to file down hard skin till it's baby smooth. Use daily at first right after your shower, until you achieve Pedi Perfection, then top up weekly as needed. These stunning Czech crystal nail files will help keep your feet smooth and healthy with little effort and zero pain. Despite being made of crystal, there is no danger of it breaking while in normal use, it's extraordinarily safe to use.

    We love them for lots of reasons, first and foremost, it's a Buy Once type of thing, there's no moving parts to break or fall apart, so assuming you don't drop it on a stone floor*, you will have this for life. And it will be every bit as useful every single day you've got it, it will never wear down. Plus it's super easy to clean, simply use a nail brush and soap water and it will look (and perform) like new. Hygenic, attractive and a stellar performer.

    *seriously, don't drop from a great height, it's likely to chip either itself or the floor. I use mine over a towel on the floor, that not only keeps my floor clean, but provides a bit of soft landing if I do get butter fingers,

Product Testimonials Crystal Foot File

Fantastic !
I don’t write reviews it had too this is a game changer !
So pleased you recommended it when we burst into your shop last Thursday and my daughter entertained you !
I’m sending my sister in law in to purchase more as gifts !
Excellent product , eye cream brill too!

Sue Appleby

Aw that's so great to hear, they're such a simple thing, but they really are the best things we've come across for keeping feet baby soft - so glad you agree! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

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