Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter
Multi-purpose Product!

Really rich oil in solid form.

Cocoa Butter


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  • Description

    This solid, crumbly butter is extracted from the seeds of the cocoa plant and has a wonderfully sweet, chocolaty aroma. Its richness benefits dry skin conditions and we use it in our handmade soaps as well as intensive moisturising products such as our Massage Bars and body creams. Ours is packaged in a clear corn based bag that is home compostable.

    You can use this versatile oil to make creams and lip balms yourself. It doesn't melt straight from the pot and needs a bit of heat, so pop a bit in a glass dish and melt it over a bain marie. Don't get it too hot, though, or you could de-nature the oil - and only use it after it has cooled.


    Here's a great recipe to make a gentle body scrub that's fabulous in the shower:

    1) Melt enough Cocoa Butter for one use (about three tablespoons should do it), then add another oil to make it softer and more easily applied when cool. Apricot Kernel would be great, but you could also use Olive Oil.

    2) Add any essential oils you like.

    3) Finally, add a handful of rough oats (or even brown sugar, two heaped tablespoons should do the job) to make a lovely-scrubby body butter.

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Cocoa Butter

Wonderful cocoa butter for diy treats. Mine went into bath melts.

rachel gwennap

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