Cactus & Wax Melt Gift Box

Cactus & Wax Melt Gift Box
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  • Description

    You don't have to be a millionaire to send a nice gift. These little cactus oil burners will sit happily in any decor and paired with our Wax Melts they make a thoughtful gift for a housewarming or just to say you're thinking of someone.

    It's well established that essential oils affect our moods, they help us make a connection to nature that we as humans need to stay healthy and grounded so our melts have been created to help set a frame of mind.

    • Refreshed - when you need to clear your mind, gather your thoughts and start again. Jasmine, lemon, ylang ylang, black pepper and frankincense will press that reset button.
    • Comforted - when calm needs to be restored. Cedarwood, chamomile Roman, rose, geranium and lavender will remind you that this too will pass. 
    • Relaxed - when you've finished work but your mind won't let you stop. Lavender, cedarwood, vetiver, marjoram, bergamot and mandarin will take you to another place.
    • Focused - when you can't gather your thoughts or stay on track. Rosemary, peppermint, frankincense and may chang will bring you back to your purpose and get things done.
    • Soothed - when you need to remember that it's all going to be OK, you can do this. Myrrh, lavender and vetiver are a blanket of protection and warmth.
    • Energised - when you need enthusiasm. Frankincense, rose geranium, patchouli and bergamot sharpen your thoughts and help you find your purpose.

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