Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles
Beeswax candles from Pure Nuff Stuff

Taper Candles


Pillar Candle


Votive Candles


Tealights box of 15 with metal cups



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    There is nothing quite like a pure beeswax candle, the smell is delicate and the light from them is just different somehow, warmer. Natural candles made from beeswax can help neutralize pollutants in the home, this includes dust, mold, mildew and unwanted odours, making this a great gift for anyone that suffers from seasonal allergies or symptoms of asthma. Unscented, these candles have a slight honey aroma that comes from the hive. We've chosen these because they're handmade, they're totally plastic free (including all packing materials that come to us) and the cotton wicks are organic, we think these are as good as candles get.


    The Taper is 22cm high. These are hand dipped in France, made on a small farm where the hives are treasured.


    The Pillar is 10cm and 6cm around and the manufacturer gave us an impressive burning time of 60 hours on these. These, like the votives and tealights, are hand made in the UK.


    The Votive is 5cm tall and has a burning time of 19 hours. You will need a votive container to use these candles safely as they melt to fit the container.


    The Tealights are boxed and come with the aluminium cups to contain the wax, if you like these a lot, I'll start stocking the refills that come without them. These should have an average burn time of 5 hours.

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