Intensive Body Cream - Unscented

Intensive Body Cream - Unscented

Thick, unscented body cream for dry skin.



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  • Description

    A firm PNS favourite just got a whole lot better. With the help of our fabulous team of testers we've improved the recipe for this fantastically hard-working cream. It still has the blend of rich shea butter and apricot kernel oil that's been so effective in the past, but it now has added cocoa butter to give the cream even more punch when attacking those stubborn dry areas. 

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  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Intensive Body Cream - Unscented

Although I buy the 'custom-made' body creams which I love and use at night, I always buy this one for use during the day. It is so creamy and does a great job on my very dry skin.

Norma Day

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