Soap dish with integral drainage

Soap dish with integral drainage

Soap dish with integral drainage


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    This metal travel soap case is designed to keep your soaps, shampoo bars or shaving soaps clean and dry when you’re on the move. These tins are 100% plastic-free and designed to last a lifetime. They also stack nicely on top of each other, so you can pack multiple metal soap containers without taking up a lot of space. Our travel soap holders are made from smooth tin and are incredibly easy to wipe clean after use, perfect for taking to the gym, going camping or backpacking.

    Our 3 part soap containers feature a drip tray which prevents your soaps pooling in water at the bottom of your soap case. To clean, simply remove the drip tray and rinse under warm water. I know you've been looking for these as long as I have

    H 4cm x W 7cm x L 9.8cm

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