Rosacea Cream

Rosacea Cream

To tackle the effects of rosacea.






  • Description

    Using our reliable Cream Dream as a base for this everyday faical moisturiser, we've added essential oils of carrot seed, geranium, yarrow and rose to help combat the effects of rosacea. We know everyone wants to reach for tea tree to combat this conditon, but we genuinely feel it's too harsh, rosacea needs very gentle treatment.  Carrot is a wonderfully earthy oil and has antimicrobial and anti infllamatory properties. Geranium is there to combat redness, it brings antioxidant and astrigent properties to the party too. Finally, yarrow is there for more antiniflammoroty purposes, plus it's puported to help even out skin tone - the three oils combined give effective, clean, moisturising comfort to really irritated skin. 

    60ml & 120ml

    (Shipping wieghts: 150g & 240g)

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Product Testimonials Rosacea Cream

Calming, soothing, great base for make up to do it's camouflage work.

Ann Sheppard

lovely cream I am 40 and have rosacea and really dry skin with a sugar and dairy free diet and this cream I have my rosacea totally understand control. Thank you!

amy cooke

Having tried other products for rosacea,, I am delighted to say this cream has virtually cleared my rosacea blisters in no time ,& my skin feels really soft , would definitely recommend to give it a try .

Lynn Stanley

I have rosacea and have been using this cream for a few months now.
It smells amazing and feels lovely on the skin, it's also great underneath make-up. Now I need to try the face wash in this range too!


At the beginning, I had an impression that my rosacea is actually begun to spread but interestingly, the itching stopped. Now, after a week of using the cream, I start to see the difference. Just give this product some time to see the results


This is the best cream I've ever found for my rosacea. Made a noticeable difference in a few days and even coped when my skin flared up during pregnancy.

Caitlin O'Brien

That's great, we're really happy it's working for you Caitlin! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

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