Raw Silk Exfoliating Mitt

Raw Silk Exfoliating Mitt

Really effective exfoliating treatment.

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    This wonderful mitt gives you all the benefits of improved circulation with none of the issues.*

    Use the mitt either wet or dry for gentle yet effective exfoliation. They're incredibly easy to care for (just pop them in the machine with a normal load) and really hard wearing: Emily has had hers for six years and it's showing no signs of wear at all. These mitts are the ones used in Turkish Hammams, so they're all the exfoliation your skin will ever need.

    *(See the Soft Facial Brush page in our Face Care section for details on why harsh exfoliants are best avoided.)

    (Shipping weight 40g)

Product Testimonials Raw Silk Exfoliating Mitt

tinglingly good, best used wet in my opinion :-)


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