Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponge

Ethically harvested sea sponges from Pure Nuff Stuff

Natural Sea Sponge


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  • Description

    Natural sponges last much longer than synthetic ones, they feel so much nicer and they don't pollute our water either, so they're a win all round, but ethically, they've been a tricky area. Overharvesting disturbed the balance of aquatic life and ruined reefs, so clearly, we couldn't contribute to that. We're really happy to have found a supplier who seeds the sponge roots on a string in the water, then removes branches from it, similar to pruning a tree so the process is fully sustainable and doesn't harm the environment. They're soft - so soft - and if you dry them properly in between uses you'll keep them very clean and free from germs. They're all 8-9cm across so they fit nicely in your hand, are great for washing babies for instance and make a thoughtful gift.

    Photo is for illustration that, because this is a natural product, there are variations in shape. Sponges are sold individually.

Product Testimonials Natural Sea Sponge

I love these sponges, I think they are great and I only use these to wash my daughter because they are natural and soft. I did think that this was a pack of three because of the photo so I was a little disappointed when only one turned up but I still love them non the less.


It's nice

Lucy McGregor

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