Bum Balm

Bum Balm

Moisturising balm with zinc, for little bums.

Travel Tin 30gm


Big Tin 130gm


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  • Description

    The replacement for our old Happy Nappy Cream, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Bum Balm, it does what it says on the tin. We've improved the whole product here, replacing a water based formula with an oil based one to intesify the moisturising properties of the product, the combination of babassu, jojoba, avocado, borage and beeswax in here means that your little one is provided with some of the best emollients there are on the market. Zinc Oxide gives the product antibacterial and anti odour elements that are new and incredibly effective. We have kept our signature scent of lavender and chamomile however, partly because it's nice smelling and partly because both of those essential oils do a job here, they're soothing, they're healing, they're calming, all good in this instance. The texture is solid enough to present a barrier to moisture, protecting fine skin from the ravages of nappy rash, yet silky enough to apply and even coat without the use of a spatula. The feedback from our testers on this (all of whom were firm fans of the Happy Nappy product) was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we were on to a winner so we've produced two sizes of this, a hefty 130gr tin for use at home and a handy 30gr tin for when you're out and about. 

    An unexpected bit of feedback came from the cycling and rowing community, apparently this is really useful for people that do active things too, just putting that out there.

    130gm (150g shipping weight)

    30gm tin (40g shipping weight)

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Bum Balm

This stuff is amazing! It's the only nappy cream which clears up our little girls bum quickly. I cannot recommend this enough.


My little baby girl had terrible nappy rash. She is also prone to an eczema like rash too. I had been using the standard supermarket brand cream for her bum and it was getting progressively worse, until, I remembered someone had given me a pot of this bumbalm as a gift. Within 3 days I could see improvements and a week in it is still getting better. I use it after every change. It has a lovely texture and has been great on her sensitive skin.


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