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Gift Bags

Night Sky tote style Medium


Safari tote style Medium


Vanillla Confetti tote style Medium


Safari drawstring style Large


Safari drawstring style Medium


Safari drawstring style Small


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  • Description

    Gorgeous fabric gift bags that make plastic free gifting simple. We all know that paper wrap is a massive waste of resources and many of us have been doing our unartistic best to make brown paper wrapping a thing again, with, frankly somewhat patchy results. Well, fellow unarty types, we have got your back. We have found a range of the prettiest, most affordable, most practical, most well-put-together fabric gift bags we've seen yet. The designs are timeless, not especially seasonal so they'll have a long life and they're very well finished. There's two styles to choose from, there's a tote style bag with longer handles and a draw string bag. They're both cotton and have a light silky feel to them.


    Tote Style
    These are ideal for boxed gifts or regular shaped presents such as items of clothing or books.
    These tote gift bags come with strong handles, a decorative hand-stitched tassel and a removable canvas stiffener in the base for added shape and durability.


    The small tote is H14cm, W17cm and D7cm. The medium one is H19cm, W23cm and D9cm. The large one is H30cm, W34cm and D10cm - these are only available in the Safari style at the moment.
    Double Drawstring
    These are suitable for most presents and work especially well for odd-shaped gifts.
    Simple enough to use for even amateur gift wrappers, these bags provide an attractive and reusable wrapping alternative to traditional paper bags.
    All our drawstring bags are adorned with a decorative fabric bead at both ends.


    The small drawstring is H17cm, W14cm. The medium uis H 23cm and W 19cm. The large is 33cm and W29cm - the large is only available in the Safari and the Night Sky style just now.



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