Dental Floss

Dental Floss

Dispenser and Corn based refill (1 x 50m)


Dispenser and Silk refill (1 x 50m)


Corn based Floss Refill (2 x 30m)


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  • Description

    Dental floss is one of the really easy plastic free changes to make. Flossing our teeth is something we all have to do, it's just part of our day. So when you think that of all that plastic you'll use over your lifetime still being here for your great great grandchildren to clean up, it just makes sense to make a swap. So we've found you an attractive, practical company to buy from who are as passionate about thier supply chain as we are. Check them out, they've got heaps of information on thier site about thier supply chain,

    We've got two alternatives here, the more taditional silk cleans your teeth well, it's not strong enough to allow you to overfloss and hurt yourself but it's not so flimsy that it will make you cross.

    The Corn PLA version avoids silk altogether which, apart from making our Vegan friends happy, is also easy to use and not so strong that you can do yourself a damage with it.

    Both come in a handy and attrative stainless steel cannister that's practical and easily transported.


    40g shipping weight

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