Crystal Nail File

Crystal Nail File

Crstal nail files leave nails edges smoother and nails stronger

Crystal Nail File


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  • Description

    These luxurious files will make you wonder why you ever bothered with emery boards all these years. The diamond-filed edge will leave your nails completely snag-free, so they can grow and long and strong without tearing. The files never wear out and can be cleaned with a nail brush and hot water, so they're really hygeinic. Used with our Nail Strengthening Oil, this could be the answer to your nail woes. Just be a bit careful with them in your bag – they are made from glass, so could break.

    (Shipping weight 10g)

Product Testimonials Crystal Nail File

I couldn't go back to a regular nail file now, these are so good. Had mine for ages.

rachel gwennap

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