Shea Souffle - Scented

Shea Souffle - Scented

Rich, natural body butter containing shea butter, almond oil and essential oils.

Don't worry, Heavenly Blend will be back soon.








  • Description

    If you need something even richer than our Intensive Body Cream, this mix of pure shea butter and sweet almond oil, rich in both proteins and minerals, is for you. We've lovingly whipped the oils together as they set, so the Soufflé starts quite solid to the touch but almost instantly melts in your hand to enable you to apply the rich oils all over your body. The result is a wonderfully smoothing and healing treat, superb to smother yourself in after a bath or shower. And there's another bonus: it lasts for ages!

    Available in three different signature scents - Tantra (rose, patchouli & ylang ylang), Heavenly (sandalwood, rose & lemongrass) and Calming (cedarwood, frankincense, neroli & vanilla).


    (Shipping weight 340g)

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Shea Souffle - Scented

Ordered this product from The Netherlands... love love love it! This cream is so rich, it's a real treat to your (dry) skin. Definitely worth it!


I bought this for my son and husband who both have very dry skin. After a few days of using this cream their skin has become really soft and supple!

Olive Kayongo

This is gorgeous! My skin has never felt so soft.


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