Bamboo Toothbrush Holders

Bamboo Toothbrush Holders
Bamboo toothbrush holder

Family Sized - 4 holes


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  • Description

    A Handy Thing - a pleasingly smooth bamboo toothbrush holder that will keep your brushes dry inbetween uses. It's got drainage holes at the bottom of each well so it won't gak up (yes, that is the technical term) and well, it's just a very tidy thing. I don't have a big family so don't use all the slots in it for brushes, but it holds up the interdental brush that I'm using and the moment and stops me balancing that somewhere precariously, which is making my other half very happy. It ticks all our boxes here, it's sustainablly sourced, it's well designed, it's simple and it does a job. This one is 10cm x 3cm x 4cm.

    Or there's the very pleasing single option that's equally functional and totally perfect for smaller spaces. That's just 4cm high and 3.5cm at it's widest point.

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