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SLS and Paraben Free Skincare Products

Pure Nuff Stuff is all about feeling pampered and guilt free.  We like to smell nice and we like products that are safe for every surface - that means yours and the planet's.  We insist that our guinea pigs remain safe in their cages - our friends and family test our products for us.  All of our products are SLS and paraben free, they're all vegetarian-friendly and most are even vegan-friendly too.


You might notice things are looking a bit new and fresh, we hope you approve.  The changes are very recent, so bear with us, they might change a little bit more. Largely speaking, things are in the same place, so you should find what you're looking for pretty quickly but by all means, phone or email us if you're struggling to find anthing or if you have any comments at all.

The site is now taking PayPal too at last (woot woot!) so if that's your preferred method of payment (and initial reports suggest that it is for at least 50% of you) then we're ready for you!

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