Massage Bars

Massage Bars
Multi-purpose Product!

Cocoa and shea butter bars, great to moisturise or massage with.

Relaxing Blend


Invigorating Blend


Indulgent Blend



  • Description

    Give your skin a sumptuous treat with a lot less mess than a bottle of oil. For a fabulous massage just hold a bar in your hands and let it gently melt to release the gorgeous aroma of pure essential oils. These beautiful little bars are very effective for general moisturising, too, especially after a bath or shower when your skin is already warm. You can also break a bit off and drop it in the bath to give your skin a super soak in natural oils - perfect for a pre-summer pampering treatment.

    We don't use any fillers or bulking agents, just pure cocoa and shea butters, blended to melt perfectly at body temperature (a bit like chocolate).

    Choose from Indulgent (rose, patchouli & ylang ylang), Relaxing (chamomile & geranium), or Invigorating (basil, lemon & cedarwood)

    45g min

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

Product Testimonials Massage Bars

I absolutely love this massage bar. Best thing ever! The creamy bar melts quickly on the skin and doesn't feel cold. Plus no mess.


Should be called moisture & massage bar - just rub on skin after a shower and not only does it intensely moisturise dry skin, sink in nicely with no mess, it also leaves you with this amazing aroma that is very soothing and smells like you’ve just walked out of a very posh spa. Worth just keeping to yourself.

Julia Sanders

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