Vegan Shaving Brush by Mutiny

Vegan Shaving Brush by Mutiny

Vegan Shaving Brush by Mutiny


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  • Description

    This is a beautifully made shaving brush with an oak handle that just also happens to be vegan, which is a wonderful bonus. The lovely crew over at Mutiny Shaving very kindly accepted our proposal to stock their brushes, what with us being in Pirate Town and all, and we're utterly stoked they did. We've been looking for a really nice shaving brush for a long time, it's one of those things that ought to be both beautiful and effective and frankly, there's no reason to bother a badger so you can de-fuzz your face is there?

    So it had to be vegan and well, there's not a lot on the market that screams quality that also doesn't cost upward of £70, which is a touch rich for my blood. Then I found this one, everything about it is appealing. A Scottish oak base that's ethically harvested and crafted in the Highlands? Big tick. Dense bristles that whip up a rich lather and hold it so it can be spread evenly for a consistent shave? Another big tick. Making friends with a company that shares a lot of our values and makes really nice stuff? Tick again.

    We think you'll love these brushes, it's a little affordable indulgence every day and well, we all need a little bit more of that don't we?

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