Squeaky Clean Bath & Shower Gel - Psoriasis Blend

Squeaky Clean Bath & Shower Gel - Psoriasis Blend

Caring body wash.






  • Description

    This bath and shower gel use specially blended essential oils to help those that suffer with psoriasis to to not aggravate the condition. By avoiding SLS (a known aggravant to the condition) you're already making some strides towards being more comfortable, but the addition of Bergamot, Lavender and Sandalwood here should add some extra relief. It's got the added benefit of not smelling too strong or medicinal either, which makes a nice change for this type of product and which is why these products have got such a strong following. 

    290g & 550g shipping weight.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

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