Soothing Soaks

Soothing Soaks

Bath treatment with re-usable bag.

Baby Oat Bath



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    We love to use oats in the bath. Oatmilk is second to none for skin softening and soothing but, to be totally honest, we don't always love the clean-up job it leaves behind. We're delighted to say that we've solved this by containing the pulverised oats in a neat little unbleached teabag, then popping that into a muslin bag that you can use as a sponge! There are also two soaks with no oats at all, just yummy salts and smells.

    Simple and, if we say so ourselves, a bit brilliant. To lock in the incredible essential oil smell, these are contained within a biodegrable bag for freshness.

    Our Soaks come in the following varieties:

    BACK SOON! Heavenly Oat Bath - contains oat powder, Epsom salt, calendula petals and essential oils of rose, lemongrass and sandalwood.  Let your mind drift and the essential oils will work their relaxo-magic on you while the oats soften up your rough edges. 

    Baby Oat Bath - contains oat powder, Epsom salt and lavender essential oil. Simple and soothing for even the most sensitive of skins, a real hardworking gem.

    BACK SOON! Cleopatra Oat Bath - oat powder, Epsom salt, goat's milk powder (sorry vegans!) and essential oils of basil, palmarosa, rosewood and lavender. Truly a bath fit for a queen, filled with the most regal of essential oils - we can dream for a while, eh? 

    BACK SOON! Muscle Recovery Bath - containing Epsom salt, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils of ginger, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender and thyme, to ease muscles and leave you feeling like you could do it all over again. Tomorrow maybe but, still, you can do it. And yes, we realise, no oats in this one, we've left it to the Epsom to do the hard work here, pumping you up with magnesium for healing and recovery. We just really like using the teabag sealer, OK?

    (Shipping weight 40g; 50g for Muscle Recovery)

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Bought some of these as a gift for my mum and she really liked them!

rachel gwennap

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