Shower Scrub Salts

Shower Scrub Salts

Olive oil shower treatment.

Jasmine & Orange





  • Description

    Scrubbing is a great way to make your skin feel revived and refreshed, but you need to be very careful not to disrupt or scratch the surface (take a look at the Face Brush page in the Face section for more detail on why this is so important). We've gone back to basics here for inspiration, and looked at how the bath-loving Romans used to wash. The mineral-laden salt gently scrubs away grime without risking any damage – it's coated in rich olive oil which helps the salt to slide over the skin surface. The oil traps dirt and loosened skin cells, moisturises the skin underneath and then rinses away. Simple, yet genius. Those Romans knew what they were doing.

    We have recently improved the recipe for this product and due to an extreme leap in price of the kilner jars we have also changed the packaging to our extremely faithful tubs. It has meant we have been able to bring back this wonderful scrub without an extra cost.

    Scented with soothing and relaxing Jasmine & Orange essential oils or refreshing Peppermint.


    (Shipping weight 250g)

  • Ingredients

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