Problem Skin Foaming Facewash

Problem Skin Foaming Facewash

Daily facewash for problem skin.

Problem Skin Foaming Facewash



  • Description

    Problem skin requires specific care so, after much research and testing, great success and very positive feedback, we've come up with a special essential oil blend to add to our popular Foaming Facewash. 


    265g Ship weight.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

Product Testimonials Problem Skin Foaming Facewash

Can you consider changing the name - do teens (or anyone else) want to feel that they have a 'problem'?

Wendy Offord

A little goes a long way, good to wash with. A 'fresh & clean' smell rather than 'fake' scented. I have found the bottles have a tendency to leak/dribble in to the lid when I've travelled with them so have to try hard to keep them upright.

Alice Ovenden

I've been using this product along with the problem skin moisturiser for over 2 weeks, and so far it has worked really well to cleanse and tone my face. When i first switched to use this product, my skin broke out, but after the first couple of days, it improved drastically. I haven't had any brake outs since then, and my skin looks so much better.

Velvet Johnson

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