Artisan Soap Collection - Oats & Clay Face Soap

Artisan Soap Collection - Oats & Clay Face Soap

Soap specifically designed for your face.

Artisan Soap Collection - Oats & Clay Face Soap



  • Description

    This product has a long history. I've been making it for myself for some time and giving the odd bar to friends. They've been asking to buy it, dear of them, so here we are.

    I started making it because I realised that red French Clay really suits me. It's calming for my highly coloured complexion and, over time, I started adding more and more oats to the mix until I felt I'd packed as much in as it would take. The oats are pulverised before they're added, which gives the bar all the creaminess of oatmilk but still retains a little bit of gentle scrubbiness. Perfect for getting really clean without drying skin out. The essential oils in this are specially chosen, too – ginger and lemon to stimulate, refresh and revive; ylang ylang to balance oil production.

    So here it is, my very own favourite soap. I hope you like it.

    (Shipping weight 100g)

  • Ingredients

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