Muslin Facecloths (organic cotton)

Muslin Facecloths (organic cotton)

Muslin Facecloths (organic cotton)


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  • Description

    Naturally off white, these open weave organic facecloths are an everyday staple. Dampen them with warm water before use, they'll remove any last traces of makeup or soap beautifully. The light weave means they dry more quickly than normal cotton terry cloths, so they're just cleaner altogether. Wash in your machine as often as necessary and dry as you would towels. They're 25cm square which is more than big enough, pick up a couple so you've always got one to hand.

Product Testimonials Muslin Facecloths (organic cotton)

Love these face cloths, got one as a prezzie and am converted. They have just the right roughness to give me a proper scrub - my skin feels so clean and smooth after. I wash them at 60. Admittedly they come out a lot smaller but that's ok. If there was a version that was 30% bigger to accommodate that I would buy in a flash!


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