Luxury Bath Salts

Luxury Bath Salts
Bath milks and refills from Pure Nuff Stuff

Indulgent treatment for the bath.

Calming Blend Glass Bottle


Heavenly Blend Glass Bottle


Calmiing Blend Refill


Heavenly Blend Refill


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  • Description

    There's something about soaking away your cares in a long, hot bath that's really appealing; the simple pleasures in life really are the best. So we've made some new luxurious salts to soothe and relax you - they're not gimmicky, they're just gorgeous. Presented in pretty, reusable glass bottles they make a great gift either for someone else or for yourself. The combination of Epsom and Himalayan Salt with citric acid to give it some fizz will leave your skin feeling soft. The heady scents of the essential oils will help you feel refreshed and ready for anything. And, because we're like that, refills are available too now!

    Generously scented with our own Calming or Heavenly essential oil blends these soaks are the sort of luxury we could all do with.

    Heavenly Blend (sandalwood, rose & lemongrass) 190g

    Calming Blend (cedarwood, frankincense, neroli & vanilla) 160g

    Shipping weights: 346g & 319g

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

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