Iron & Velvet Household Cleaners

Iron & Velvet Household Cleaners

Plastic free household cleaning products

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    Plastic free household cleaning just got clever. These are little sachets of dissolvable material that contain a strong solution of household cleansers that you can dilute at home. Reuse all those spray bottles you've already got and fill them with nice smelling, effective cleaning products that don't cost the earth in any sense. I don't need to go on about the lower carbon footprint of transporting water, this clever stuff gets around all those problems. And the products work, I really like them. They smell good, they work, they come with labels so you can tell what's in which bottle, they get transported in elegant little cardboard boxes. You just pop the sachet into your chosen bottle, add warm water and shake to dissolve (the instructions you get will tell you how much to add, it's 500ml for al but the Floor Cleaner, that's 250ml). This is a well thought through range, made in the UK, not tested on animals.

    We're selling the sachets in sets of five (because they fit in the pretty boxes that way), the range includes:

    • Kitchen - Mango Surface Cleaner - removes dried food, powers through grease
    • Kitchen - Coconut & Lime Antibacterial Surface Cleaner - tough on stains, kills germs
    • Household - Apple & Mint Glass Cleaner - sparkling finish, tackles water marks
    • Household - Sandalwood Floor Cleaner - subtle fragrance, effective cleanser
    • Bathroom - Orange & Ginger Multisurface Cleaner - tough on soap scum, leaves a sparkling finish
    • Bathroom - Ylang ylang Antibacterial Surface Cleaner - removes limescale, kills germs

    We're selling them in boxes of five (because we don't have boxes for one or two and we're afraid that they'll get squished in the post) so have bundled up the following options for you:

    Option 1 - Bathroom and Kitchen Set - includes the Ylang ylang Antibacterial Cleaner, the Orange & Ginger Multisurface Cleaner (both for bathroom), the Coconut & Lime Antibacterial Cleaner, the Mango Surface Cleaner and the Sandalwood Floor Cleaner

    Option 2 - Whole Home Set - Mango Surface Cleaner and the Coconut & Lime Antibacterial Cleaner for Kitchen, Orange & Ginger Multisurface Cleaner for Bathroom, Sandalwood Floor Cleaner, Apple & Mint Glass Cleaner

    Option 3 - Make your own set - pick whichever ones you'd like, five of the same thing you think you'll use more of, whatever combination suits your needs - just let us know which ones you want in the Special Instructions field and we'll put the box together for you (just type out the smell if you want to save time - we'll work it out!).


Product Testimonials Iron & Velvet Household Cleaners

Brilliant. This is such an easy swap. I am never going back to my old cleaners. These sachets clean as well as the market leaders but smell so much nicer. My favourite is the Coconut and Lime Antibacterial Cleaner for kitchen surfaces. The box the sachets come in is small but once you have added them to water you get a lot of cleaners for £10. I love this product and it's such an easy way to reduce my use of plastic.

Victoria Quinn

My order arrived today, thank you, I am very happy with the substitute I'm just trying to reduce my plastic use, I can't believe how little packaging there is, winner, even comes with labels, thank you will let you know what I think when I use them


Hope you love them as much as we do! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

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