House Tealights

House Tealights
House tealights groupBlue house tealight with white roofAmber house tealight 4 storeyDuck egg blue house tealight with red doorTeal house tealight 3 storeyGroup house tealights from rearHouse tealights styledSlate house tealight round windowSlate house tealight 3 storey

Amber House 4 storeys


Duck Egg Blue house with red door


Tall Slate house tealight 3 storeys


Grey House with round window



  • Description

    Something a little diferent from us, but these pretty Skandinavian porcelain house tealights have us totally hooked. The light they cast is just so pretty, they're lovely to look at and they make wonderful gifts - especially for a housewarming. They're all so different but equally charming and the colours are very easy on the eye. There's a hole in the top of each of them to let out the candle heat which is often in the chimney, so if you're clever with incence cones you can make these look adorable even without a candle in them.


    The dimensions for each one are as follows:


    • The Blue house with the white roof is 14 cm high, 7cm deep and 8.5 cm wide.
    • The Amber house is 4 storeys tall and is 21cm high, 7cm deep and 13 cm wide.
    • The Duck Egg Blue house with the red door is 27cm tall, 7cm deep and 9.3cm wide.
    • The Teal house is three storeys high, 19cm tall, 7.5 deep and 12cm wide.
    • The Tall Slate house is three storeys high, 23cm tall, 7cm deep and 9.5cm wide.
    • The Grey house with the round window is 21cm high, 7.5cm deep and 12cm wide.



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