Hair Conditioner - Care Blends

Hair Conditioner - Care Blends

Conditioning lotion for delicate scalps.

250ml Eczema Blend


500ml Eczema Blend


250ml Psoriasis Blend


500ml Psoriasis Blend



  • Description

    To create our sensitive conditioner we use our standard base and we add one of our soothing blends of essential oils for either eczema or psoriasis – the same ones we use in the very popular Creams and Facewashes that help so many people combat these distressing conditions.

    The eczema blend contains essential oils of chamomile german, yarrow, marigold and evening primrose oil.

    The psoriasis blend contains essential oils of lavender and sandalwood.

    250ml & 500ml

    (Shipping weight 260g & 550g)


  • Ingredients

    Ingredients in descending order of proportion. Click an ingredient to find out more.

Product Testimonials Hair Conditioner - Care Blends

I am so grateful to finally have an amazing conditioner which doesn't make my scalp sore and irritated. I have allergic dermatitis and have spent decades and a lot of money trying to find a conditioner that doesn't cause a constant sore scalp. This is the only one, that it is a fantastic conditioner is a huge bonus. I am eternally grateful - thank you! X


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