Shampoo Bar - Peppermint

Shampoo Bar - Peppermint
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Solid shampoo bar

Shampoo Bar - Peppermint



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    Shampoo bars are a great and convenient way to wash your hair and body. Okay, we admit that when we first came across thie idea we were a bit sceptical. Could a soap bar really work on hair as well? But, once we tried it, we were convinced. The way we approached the need to wash both hair and skin was to add extra castor oil and glycerine than our normal soaps – and the result is a bar that lathers richly and rinses to a squeak without stripping your scalp's natural oils. It's very popular with men as it's so unfussy and because it's also brilliant for shaving. It's less bulky for travelling and just plain handy for showers and of course, it's a way to avoid plastic in your daily routine and we're all looking for ways to do that aren't we?

    How to use: Run the shampoo bar over your head in one direction (front to back), so as to avoid causing unnecessary knots. Once you have a good amount of shampoo on top of your head, massage it into your scalp with your fingers. Rinse with water until ALL the shampoo is out and you're good to go. Be brave, try it, if not for the plastic free element to the product, just for the ease of use, we reckon you'll become a staunch solid shampoo fan, too.


    Hints and ideas to help you get used to a brand new way to wash your hair:

    There is a huge difference between how traditional shampoos work and how solid shampoo bars work - and your hair notices it to start with, this is often referred to as "the purge". When you first switch, you may notice that your hair or scalp becomes dry or a bit oily or both, your hair might feel waxy or heavy or just strange, not itself. Don't panic, this is quite normal, your hair and scalp need to adjust to the new way of being cleaned and in a very short time, normally a week, your sebum production balances. It's at this point you'll notice your hair is suddenly softer,  more manageable and stays cleaner for longer. Welcome to your New Normal. If you've experienced dandruff in the past, this often clears altogether. 


    Things that might help you get through this transition:

    • Use a very mild apple cider vinegar rinse before your conditioner if you use one, this will help smooth down the hair shaft, protect it and give it some shine (I use half a cup of ACV to roughly a litre of water plus a drop of my favourite essential oil, which is a weaker solution than you might see elsewhere online. I use two jugs for pouring over my head, I put the mixture in one jug, rinse my hair and catch the run off and rinse again - using two jugs and reusing the water means you can use a much weaker ACV rinse and you won't smell like a chip shop when you're done, promise!). 
    • Rinse more thoroughly than you've been used to for at least a fortnight - if you're super brave, do one last rinse with cool water, it helps, but this isn't always easy in the depths of winter. 
    • Don't wash every day if you can, give your hair a couple of days in between washes to allow it time to readjust.
    • Brushing your hair morning and night from root to tip will help to redistribute your hair's own natural oil. 
    • If you're struggling with excess oil, try sprinkling a very small amount of cornstarch on your scalp and thoroughly brushing your hair to help you avoid overwashing.
    • If you're used to using a lot of products for styling to control frizz, consider using a little bit of conditioner as a leave in product, that's really useful for weighing hair down and stopping fly aways.

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Product Testimonials Shampoo Bar - Peppermint

This smells lovely and leaves my hair soft and shiny. It’s the best shampoo bar I’ve tried and the only one that doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff or sticky without a vinegar rinse.


Excellent gentle lathering, leaves hair soft and untangled

Katy Grech

I come back every six months for another batch of this "Peppermint" and the "Lemongrass". I suppose I should try the others, but I'm rather a creature of habit.
This peppermint has a wonderful smell, but slightly stings the eyes if you're a little careless with it.
Nevertheless, if you keep making it, I'll keep coming back. Thank-you!

Matthew Flint

Nothing wrong with being a creature of habit, Matthew, other people just call that "reliable". Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it. - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

Leaves hair amazingly soft and clean. Lovely smell too.

Cecilia Lindstrom

This is a fabulous shampoo that left my hair soft, shiny and bouncy. I would love to make it my daily shampoo, if only I could afford it. Only lasted about a third as long as my bottle of shampoo, making it very expensive.


So glad you liked the Hair Bar Lara, but sorry it didn't last you long enough. Soap bars don't like being wet, so keeping them dry in between uses will really help them last a lot longer - plus we hope you'll find that the new bigger bars will last you longer still! - The Pure Nuff Stuff Team

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