Foaming Moisturewash - Scented

Foaming Moisturewash - Scented

Daily cleansing and moisturising foam.

Rose & Benzoin



  • Description

    This kind-to-the-skin cleanser is a great alternative to the old 'cleanse and tone' routine. It's really mild and has been developed to apply directly on your face, to clean in a soap-and-water fashion using our gentle sugar detergent. It's quickly and easily rinsed but works hard, containing a healthy dollop of our Cream Dream well as rose and benzoin essential oils to moisturise as it cleanse. It's especially good for dryer or more mature skin. 


    265g Ship weight.

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Foaming Moisturewash - Scented

I have very combination skin - oilier forehead and nose but dry between the eyebrows and on cheeks. I tried this with some trepidation as I find the Cream Dream a bit too heavy but this is heaven. It removes make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, not at all tight or oily. The pump dispenser is quite stiff and hard to press but this does not deter me. I love this product.


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