Eye Makeup Removal Pads by Bambaw

Eye Makeup Removal Pads by Bambaw

Bamboo makeup remover pads with washing bag

Eye Makeup Removal Pads by Bambaw



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    Eye makeup remover pads are perhaps not the most exciting product in the world, but they should be on every eco shoppers list (disposable cotton pads are a nightmare for the planet through the entire lifecycle).  These are made from bamboo fibre which we like because of it's eco credentials, they're a really generous set of 16 pads that come with a super handy bag for storage and machine washing. They're really well made, edged very nicely and, rather cleverly, there are 12 soft ones and 4 scrubbier ones because not all removal jobs are equal. We love how they feel, they're a very practical size to use and the edging makes them feel less utilitarian than other brands we've tried.

    The company that makes them, Bambaw, has a nice philosophy and we like their transparency. All the packaging is plastic free too, it's just a really well conceived and thought through range. The bag for storage is a nice touch and it's this level of user understanding that drew us to the range to start with. We're fans, can you tell?

    The Terry pads are 80% bamboo viscose and 20% cotton and the Velvet pads are 60% bamboo viscose, 20% polyester and 20% cotton.

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